Dr. Madhu Mathur is a pediatrician and one of Connecticut’s
first certified Obesity Medicine Physicians. A diplomate of the
American Board of Obesity Medicine, Dr. Mathur has focused
on treating obese children since 2004.

Dr. Mathur uses motivational interviewing to guide patients through a step by step process of change.

Dr. Madhu Mathur

Dr. Madhu Mathur is one of Connecticut’s first certified obesity medicine physicians and a very experienced pediatrician. In addition to creating the  highly successful KIDS’ FANS program at Stamford Hospital’s Tully Center, she has presented her work at national conferences. 

Dr. Mathur focuses exclusively on treating over and underweight children, and has had outstanding results from her work on lifestyle modification.

What We Offer

We have a comprehensive weight loss program. Our family-oriented approach is designed to help children and families alter their lifestyle and lead healthier lives.

Dr. Mathur is with your child at every step, encouraging and supporting them with every challenge they face.